Nusa Construction Works On Superblock in Cikarang

KONTAN.CO.ID – PT Nusa Konstruksi Enjiniring Tbk (DGIK) is once again trusted by Pollux Properties Group – a property company based in Singapore – to work on its projects in Indonesia. DGIK is currently working on the Chadstone superblock construction project in Cikarang, Bekasi – West Java.

In working on the 36-storey hotel and apartment project, DGIK conducted a Joint Operation (JO) scheme with CNQC, a construction company from China.

DGIK Corporate Secretary Djohan Halim said the appointment of the company in the construction of the Chadstone superblock was proof of the high confidence of international investors in the reputation and ability of the NKE in the national construction sector.

“We have long worked with Pollux Properties and now with CNQC, a partner from China, DGIK will build one of the biggest superblocks in Cikarang. This is proof that DGIK’s reputation and track record has gained international recognition, “Djohan Halim said in his official statement on Wednesday (9/20)

The construction process of the Chadstone hotel and apartment building construction began in June 2017. Construction of the project is targeted to be completed by the end of 2018.

According to Djohan, the construction of the Chadstone superblock in Cikarang is expected to encourage economic activity in the region. Especially in this project, DGIK also involved a lot of workers from the areas around the project.

“We believe that the property sector is still one of the main catalysts for national economic growth. By involving itself in many construction projects in the property sector, DGIK hopes to open more employment opportunities in Indonesia, “Djohan said.

Besides Chadstone, DGIK is currently completing the construction of the World Capital Tower (WCT) project in the Mega Kuningan area, South Jakarta, owned by Pollux Properties Group. At present the 54-storey building is almost complete.

For more than three decades in the national construction business, DGIK has experience in developing various national property projects. Specifically for the apartment segment, some of which are Jakarta Botanica Apartments, Senopati Penthouse Jakarta, Senopati Suites Jakarta, and The Mansion Dukuh Golf Kemayoran.

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