Building a Super-Tall Building, Indonesia Must Look in South Korea

The Pakubuwono Signature

JAKARTA, – The construction of supertall buildings or skyscrapers with a height of more than 300 meters is common in developed countries. In fact, some of them compete to be the highest in the world. Call it the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) or One World Trade Center in New York, United States (US).

How about Indonesia? At present, the horizon of the archipelago, especially Jakarta, has begun to be filled with tall buildings with heights above 200 meters, but still below 300 meters. For example, Sahid Sudirman Center, The Raffles Hotel, The Pakubuwono Signature, Sinarmas MSIG Tower, and Gama Tower. Don’t forget the legend, Wisma 46. Jakarta’s Signature Tower that will be built is predicted to be the 77th tallest skyscraper in the world.

But, of course, this pride is incomplete if the building is still being built by leaning on foreign experts or consultants. “If (asked) ready, yes ready. If you can do it yourself without the help of foreign experts, that must be fought for,” said Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Construction Experts (IPR) Davy Sukamta to, Tuesday (09/20/2016) . According to Davy, Indonesia is still lacking in building super-tall buildings, both in terms of equipment, work methods, and experience. He regretted that the Indonesian Nation had a weak work ethic so it must always be encouraged. Not surprisingly, this country has been delayed to become a developed country.

Compared to other countries, for example South Korea (South Korea), Indonesia is still losing. The country of ginseng had already built two supertall, namely the North East Asia Trade Tower which towered 305 meters, and Doosan Haeundae as high as 300 meters. “We see South Korea’s work ethic is high because it is fast progressing,” explained Davy. As is known, Signature Tower Jakarta is a multifunctional property developed by PT Grahamas Adisentosa (Artha Graha Group). In its development, this project was designed by Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart and Associates Inc. (SRSSA) with local partner Pandega Desain Weharima. The tower is planned to rise 638 meters high and cover 111 floors. Inside this building, there will be apartments, offices, hotels and shopping centers.

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