How To Keep Your Bathroom Clean

The bathroom can fall apart and really start to look messy over time. This is actually one of the busiest rooms in your apartment, and that can be the true measure of your cleanliness.

If a guest sees a messy and dirty bathroom, they might think the same about you. There are a number of easy ways to keep your bathroom apartment clean and free of clutter that just removes everything.

De-clutterizing all starts with one thing: storage. Here are some easy tips for declutter and cleaning the bathroom of your apartment.

Back of the Door
There is a ton of storage space in the space that is not used. The most unused storage space in the bathroom of the apartment is the back of the door. That is easy. Add a few hooks to hang your towel. You can even cover it with magnetic paint and use magnetic disks and such. You can even hang some magnetic hanging trays and the like for extra storage.

Just like the back of the door, vertical storage adds great benefits to removing the room. With horizontal storage you take up more floor space and such. Try using a large basket next to the toilet, in the sink, or behind the toilet. This basket offers more space for storing items, reducing space elsewhere.

Store items in the basket
Place a small basket on the table to store all your daily items such as toothpaste, brushes, hair clips, makeup, deodorant, etc. Don’t leave everything lying all over the counter.

Bath mat clean
Change your bathmat as often as possible and wash it that is not used. Many apartments have a tendency to leave the same bathmat on the ground forever and forget it. Not good. Keep clean!

we don’t talk about when you go to the bathroom. We are talking about removing stains from your counters, toilets, sinks, towel bars … everything. Clean the mirror …. Just try your best to keep objects free and of the color they should be.

Maintaining a bathroom is simple, it only takes a little extra time … AND NEVER LEAVE EMPTY BOXES ON TOILET PAPER HOLDERS. That is the main sin of the bathroom … and looks like total rubbish.

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