Astra Property Earns Rp 5.5 Trillion from Luxury Apartments in Sudirman

Astra Property, the tentacle of PT Astra International Tbk’s property business, earned sales of Rp 5.5 trillion from Anandamaya Residence. This is a luxury apartment in the Sudirman area of ​​Central Jakarta, which is marketed at a price of around Rp. 70 million to Rp. 90 million per square meter.

Astra Property Head of Residence Development Wibowo Muljono revealed Anandamaya Residence’s sales performance. “There are currently 20 units that have not been sold out of a total of 509 units in three towers,” said Wibowo. In KompasProperti’s note, in 2016, Anandamaya Residence touched the level of Rp 95 million per square meter.

Thus this apartment has decreased prices. Read: Astra Apartment Price Reaches Rp 95 Million Per Square Meter To build Anandamaya Residences, Astra Property is collaborating with Hongkong Land, and forming a business under the flag of PT Brahmayasa Bahtera. If the actual selling price perched at Rp 90 million per square meter, then to buy the smallest unit with an area of ​​131 square meters or two bedrooms, consumers must spend Rp 11.7 billion.

While the largest three-bedroom unit in the two towers is around 174 square meters and is valued around Rp. 15.6 billion. The smallest and widest unit is in Tower Two and Tower Three of Anandamaya Residence. In addition to Anandamaya Residences, Astra Property is also developing Astra Tower offices in the same area of ​​2.4 hectares. The total investment for the whole project is Rp 8.2 trillion. There are also other projects that are being worked on by Astra Property, which is 70 hectares of city-scale housing in Jakarta Garden City, Cakung, East Jakarta, with a funding requirement of around Rp 23 trillion. Here, Astra Property formed a joint venture with a composition of 50:50 with PT Mitra Sindo Makmur, a subsidiary of PT Modernland Realty Tbk. The next project is an apartment in the TB Simatupang area, South Jakarta, which is categorized as middle class. “The price is around Rp 30 million per square meter,” said Wibowo. At present, the TB Simatupang project is in the design process.

** Sorce by : Tribun News

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